push ups benefits

5 push ups benefits that you will love

The push up is something that we all know is good for us but we don’t always get down on the floor and do them. It feels like a long way down in order to get started. So I have put together 5 push ups benefits that will help you like getting down and doing 20 push ups.

Push-Ups Build Strength – Everywhere

push ups benefits

The push up is one of the oldest and most basic of exercises and uses all the major muscle groups. While doing a push up you will be building optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, chest with emphasis put on building a strong core by stabilizing the abdominal and back.

It is with building a strong core and using the stabilizing muscles with help build up your strength to prevent injuries to your shoulders and lower back.

Push-Ups Boosts Metabolism

As said before doing a push up will call upon more than just your biceps. So with this many muscles in action your heart will have to pump a lot more oxygenated blood around the body.

Why is that important?

It is improving your cardiovascular system and boost your metabolism with results in more calories burned.

Push-Ups are Excuse Free

Doing push ups are excuse free , the Rain doesn’t matter, the heat doesn’t matter, haven’t got time to go to the gym doesn’t matter all you need is a little bit of time and space on the floor. It doesn’t even cost you anything. You can’t come up with an excuse that is good enough to avoid doing push up if you have done them before you can do them again.

Increase Testosterone Production

As we get older we don’t produce as much hormones. In men the main loss is the reduction of testosterone. There is more studies going on but some studies suggest that the movements in a normal push up promotes testosterone production, which is good news as it is really essential for a healthy body.

Improve Proper Posture

good PostureWeather you are sitting at a computer all day, watching TV or just ignoring the recommendations of your doctor, mother, friends and family about improper posture and that it can destroy your health as you age. The most common reason for your lack of good posture is that you have weak core muscles.

If you want to hold your shoulders and back in the proper position your entire core needs to be strong enough to support its vertical position. When you do push ups properly you engage all the stabilizing muscles that support a good posture. When you do push ups on a regular basis your body will start to naturally lean toward a proper posture. This is one of the most influential passive benefits of push ups

30 Day Push-Up Challenge

Now I challenge you to do 30 days of push up to start your momentum. As they say an object in motion stays in motion, which is a fancy way of saying if you can do 30 days of push up you will not only get in good shape but you will more than like keep doing it as it becomes a habit.

Now the 30 day challenge is easy. On the first day drop down and do as many as you can in one go without any rest. Say you done 13 on day one. Now on day two you add 2 more push ups. So you need to do 15 push up on the second day. It doesn’t matter if you do 13 in one go have a rest then do the remaining 2. On day three you add 2 more so you need to do 17, you get the idea. So at the end of 30 day you will feel and look good

So are you going to take up the  30 day challenge. If so let me know in the comments below i love to hear from you weather you are just about to start it or you already have.

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