bodymax doorway pull up bar chin up bar

bodymax doorway pull up bar chin up bar

The bodymax doorway pull up bar chin ubodymax doorway pull up bar chin up bar p bar is a great piece of kit for anyone with limited space. It is design to turn any doorway or narrow space into a work out station so you can work on that upper body you want.

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Using the bar

When you put the bar in place you need to make sure that the surface is even and the door frame is wide enough so that the end can fit fully on it and be flush against the frame. You also need to make sure that the door frame you are using is solid as the pressure you will put on it will be quite a bit. When you twist the bar into place you need to keep twisting until is is tightly place to loose and it will fall down, to tight and it will be hard to get off. Also when you are using the bar make sure any movement you are doing twist the bar so that it tighten it otherwise if you do a twist and it un-tightens it you could end up falling and hurting yourself.

What customer are saying

At this time there are 250 review and the pull up bar has a rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. A lot of people are impressed with it considering it is at a low price.

What people have said:

“Great product. I weigh just above 11 stones/70kg and can only manage do 5 pull ups in a row at the moment (I’m weak)
– I have fitted the pull up bar on the door frame without the screws.
– The pull up bar is very secure and tight and does not slip or slide on the door frame.

Delivery: Product arrived in 3 days after I placed the order. It was delivery by Parcelforce and requires a signature upon delivery.”

And another person said:

“I bought this to go with my p90x program and it’s awesome! Put it up in about 2 minutes with just friction fitting – I didn’t want to use the screws and potentially damage the door. I was a bit skeptical that it would hold my weight at first with only friction but it’s super-strong and totally doesn’t even move or bend at all. The other good things are a) that it can go ad high or low in your doorway as you like so it’s good for tall people (not a problem for me at 5’1″ but potentially a problem for others); b) you don’t need a doorway with wide architraving; and c) it’s totally unobtrusive so you can just leave it up and not have to take it up and down if you’re lazy like me. Super-impressed for such a cheap price!”

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