Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill Review

Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill Review

The Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill is design for the runner. With Workout programs to test you and speeds up to 20km/h you will find that this machine has a lot to offer.

What Spec is the Motor?

The motor has a spec of 2.5 CHP and a peak power of 4.0HP.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

The T4000 treadmill can go to speeds of 20 km an hour which is 12 miles per an hour. You can change the speed on the center console or by using the hand rail buttons. With the ability to go to 12 miles per hour this a treadmill for runners.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

It has an automatic incline of up to 12% which is controlled by the center console or you can adjust it by the buttons on the hand rails.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?

There are hand pulse grips for reading your heart rate or the treadmill comes with a polar chip receiver which means it can communicate with some heart rate monitor. Some people say that some cheap heart rate monitor works with the horizon treadmill but the chip was design to work we polar technology like the polar H7. Its up to you which one you try you could buy a cheaper version but make sure you do you homework and check if it will work.

Does it Fold Away?

This treadmill fold in to an up right position which means it takes up a lot less space than the ones that go at a 45 degree angle. Its folded dimensions are 110cm long by 93.5cm wide and 195.5cm high.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The Horizon T4000 running deck is 152cm by 51cm which gives you plenty of room to get into your running stride. It also has a 4.4mm thick orthopaedic belt so that it can balance firmness and shock absorption. The deck also has what horizon call a VCS. This is their variable cushioning system to give you extra support and absorbing shock.

Is there a Warranty?

This treadmill has a Home use warranty only. This means that you can only have the warranty for home not for the gym. IT comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and a 3 years parts and labour warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong in the first three year you should be cover by their warranty.

Who it is for?

This treadmill is for the committed intermediate runner or the advance runner because it can reach speeds of 20km/h (12.4MPH) which the beginner or the 1 a week intermediate runner wouldn’t reach. This means they would be paying extra for features that they don’t need or wouldn’t get to for a long time.

What is the Dimensions?

The open dimensions of the treadmill are 215cm long by 93.5cm wide and 145cm high. The folded dimensions are 110cm long by 93.5cm wide and 195.5cm high. The ability to fold up to a 90degree angle for a power machine is great because you can get a good workout then fold it away so it didn’t take up that much space.

Are there any other Features?

The workout pre set feature of the treadmill are split in to 10 multi-level workouts. These are Manual, Intervals, Rolling, Weight Loss, Hill Run, Hill Climb, Race, Heart Rate Control & 2 x Custom .

This gives you an array of choices for what type of workout you want to do.

What are the Pros?

  • Orthopaedic, heavy duty running belt

  • Variable Cushioning System (VCS)

  • 10 Multi Level programs

  • foldaway design

  • Up to 20KM/h

What are the Cons?

  • Only 12% incline when commercial treadmill go to 15%

  • Not speakers like some other treadmills do

  • Only display in MPH some people like it in KM/h

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

At time of writing there are only 4 reviews on Amazon and they have given the product 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. On another website call fitness super store which sells the product there are 14 reviews and they have given it 4.5stars out of 5 again this is at time of writing. So overall people do like the product there just isn’t that many review writing about it.

How Well is it Priced?

With the treadmill in the £1000 mark you need to be committed to running to even think about it. With that say it is on the cheaper side of a runner machine as there are better ones out there which cost more like the NordicTrack Elite 2500. So with that in mind it is price competitively.


Overall it is a powerful machine design for the runner in mind. Something to challenge and test the runner to see what they are made of and to make them better.

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