JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill Review

JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill

JTX Sprint 9 TreadmillJTX Sprint 9 Treadmill is a commercial grade treadmill for your home. It comes packed full of features that you would find on a gym treadmill. In this review we will be look at areas of the treadmill and the benefits to you the user.

What Spec is the Motor?

This treadmill comes with a 3HP(horse power) motor that has a max 6Hp peak power. This means that it can handle you running for long periods of time at a good pace. The Lower HP motors will over heat if you run fast for to long but not this one.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

With it good HP(Horse Power) comes a great speed. With a max speed of 20KPH which is 12.4MPH (miles per hour) it will suit nearly everyone. With the average jogger only jogging at 5MPH it will be the very athletic amongst us that will be able to reach those speeds and keep there.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

The JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill comes with an automatic incline which is handy for when you want to add more resistance but not any more speed. Or you want to practice hill spirits in a control environment. The levels are 0 to 15 which double as its gradient which is 0% up to 15%.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill Review

The machine comes with a built-in heart rate monitor which can be used by hand pulse sensors or a heart rate chest strap. The JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill comes with a free polar chest strap so that you don’t need to buy anything extra.

Does it Fold Away?

The JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill has a hydraulic folding mechanism which allows you to fold the treadmill easily and store it away.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The deck is 52cm wide by 153cm long which is loads of room for you to get in to your running stride. The deck also has a 8 point commercial quality shock system built in to it with variable-durometer elastomer cushioning. This means that it will reduce the impart on your joints like ankles, knees and hips.

Is there a Warranty?

This Treadmill comes with a lifetime frame warranty and a 10 year warranty on the motor. It also comes with a 3 years in home repair which includes all parts and labour.

Who it is for?

This treadmill has all the features of a commercial treadmill that you have have in your home. Any level can use this treadmill but those who want to workout hard with a good supporting deck and lots of features to help you get the most out of your body.

What is the Dimensions?

The dimensions of the treadmill when in use are 92cm wide by 205cm long by 147cm high. When you have finished your workout and you want to fold the treadmill away it dimensions are 92cm wide by 116cm long and 180cm high. This saves you 89cm of floor space when the treadmill is folded.

Are there any other Features?

Workout Programs

With this treadmill you get 24 workout programs that can keep you interested and coming back for more. You also get to customise 3 workout programs to suit your own needs.

What is the Max User Weight?

The max user weight is 180kg. 180kg is 28 stone or 396lbs.

What are the Pros?

  • Speed of up to 20KPH

  • Incline of up to 15%

  • Free Polar Chest Strap

  • Free high-density PVC mat designed to perfectly fit your treadmill and protect your flooring. Free treadmill lubricant.

  • Maximum user weight is 180kg

  • 24 workout programs + 3 customise

  • Folding treadmill

What are the Cons?

  • Takes up a lot of room

  • High price than other treadmill ( But the quality matches the price)


The JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill is a treadmill packed full of features that you find on your treadmill at the gym. If you have the space and can afford the extra cost of having such a high quality machine then this is a great choice.

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JTX Sprint 9 Treadmill Video

If you like to watch what JTX has to say about its treadmill.

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