Proform Premier 900 Treadmill Review

Proform Premier Treadmill

Proform Premier 900 TreadmillWhat Does the Proform Premier 900 Treadmill have that can get you fit or maintain your fitness level? The answer a lot of functions and feature that if used right it a tool for the fitness fanatic. The treadmill has a lot of functions like good motor, good top speed, incline and gives you air based absorption system so that it not too much on your joints. This treadmill has a lot but is it right for you?

What Spec is the Motor?

The treadmill has a 3.0 CHP (continuous horse power) motor. This means that it will maintain that power throughout your workout. So if you are someone who likes to train hard then this could be the machine for you.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

The proform sport treadmill can reach speeds of up to 22kph which is a max 13.6 miles per hour. This puts it well into the advanced runners category as you wont find many beginner able to run near that speed.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

The treadmill has an automatic incline feature which can be adjusted on the console with its up or down buttons or it quick incline buttons which go from 0 to 12. This is also the same as it gradient which goes from 0% up to 12%.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?

The Proform treadmill has built in heart rate monitor in the form of EKG grip pulse which can provide pulse reading on the go. IF you are looking for a more in depth heart rate monitor then you should have a look at equipment that is designed for this purpose.

Does it Fold Away?

This treadmill does fold away to give the owner extra space when it is not in use. It also has an easy lift assist so that you can put it up on bring it down easily.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The running deck of the treadmill is 51cm wide by 140cm long which is about average for a treadmill in this range but is more than enough to allow the user to stretch their legs and get into their running stride.

Is there a Warranty?

The ProForm treadmill comes with a home use warranty which mean that it is intended for the home not a commercial gym. With the warranty you get lifetime cover on the frame, 5 years cover on the motor and 2 years parts and labour(conditions apply) cover. You do need to register the treadmill with in 28 days of purchasing it.

Who it is for?

Weather you are a beginner start out on your journey or an advance runner who enjoys doing lots of miles and getting a good workout done then this treadmill is design with both of you in mind. It gives you all the options of taking it slow and working out at your own pace as well as quick touch buttons so that you can do interval training hill sprints and many other ways of getting a good workout.

What is the Dimensions?

The dimensions of the treadmill when in use are 186cm long by 92cm wide by 151cm high. When you are not using the treadmill you can fold it away which give you extra room. The folded dimensions are 91cm long by 91cm wide by 169cm high. This gives you almost a meter worth of space when the treadmill is folded.

Are there any other Features?Proform Premier 900 Treadmill Console


The ProForm treadmills comes with 30 pre-set workout apps so that you can have everything you need to get a great workout.

Proshox cushioning

The treadmill has Proshox cushioning which gives you air based absorption that can respond to your movement and changing of the elevation of the deck with every step you take.

Ifit Enabled

This gives you access to a revolutionary interactive training program but you need a subscription to ifit which is sold separately.

The treadmill is also has Ipod compatible audio with two 2 inch speakers. It has a Bluetooth smart receiver, a 7 inch full color touch display, tablet holder and a coolaire workout fan.

What are the Pros?Proform Premier Treadmill

Speeds of up to 22km/h

Incline up to 12%

Ifit Enabled

Proshox cushioning

30 pre-set workout apps

Folds up to save space

What are the Cons?

Ifit enabled but you have to pay extra for subscription

Need to register your treadmill otherwise you only get standard warranty


Overall with it’s all its functions and features you get a good machine that can handle a good top speed. So whether you are a beginner or a more seasoned runner this makes a good choice.

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