Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband

The Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband is packed full of technology for people who are on the go. It monitors everything from your heart rate, the workouts you do to your general day to day activity. Everything it records you can send to your phone which means you get all the data you need to set your goals and keep you motivated moving forward.

The average person using the Fitbit says how well it performs at heart rate monitoring, calories burnt, and is great when you go for a general walk. It is a great motivational booster if you need a kick up the backside to get exercising but lets talk more about the features it has.

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Purepulse Heart Rate

In order to get the most out of every workout you do you need to monitor your heart rate. Now the charge HR does this automatically and continuously right there on your wrist. Monitoring your heart rate while doing your workout means that you can maximize your calorie burn by staying in your heart rate zone.


With all the information at hand we can achieve our goals even earlier and the charge HR does just that. It records everything you do, every heart beat, every step, every calorie burn and every floor climbed it can also tell you how many minutes you have been active. Information is power and with all this going to your phone or computer you can stay motivated for longer.

Caller Id

When your working out and your phone rings you have to stop what you are doing to see if you need to take the call. Well the charge HR has a built it caller ID so if you are in range of your phone it will tell you whos calling.

Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity WristbandExercise Tracking

The Charge HR has a exercise mode which means you can get a detail breakdown of your session on your fitbit dashboard.
Auto Sleep + alarms
You can get a good idea of how well you sleep at night and for how long. The fitbit will sync your night time stats so that you can see it in a graph that will show you your sleep trends. You can even set a silent, vibrating alarm so that it will wake you in the morning.

Wireless Syncing

The Charge HR has built-in Bluetooth so that it can sync wirelessly to your computer or smart phone where it uploads your stats,tracks your progress and puts it all in detail charts and graphs to keep you moving towards your goal.
Is it water proof?

It is water resistant not water proof. This means that it can take the rain or any splashes but it can not take swimming or surfing or anything that has a continuous water and pressure with it.


The small band is 5.4” to 6.2” or 13.7cm to 15.7cm
The large band is 6.2” to 7.6” or 15.7cm to 19.3

If you are still unsure fitbit has a guide that you can print off and use to find your correct measurement just visit this link

Customer reviews

At time of writing this review there are 791 customer reviews on amazon so this is a pretty popular item and has got a lot of attention. These reviews shows the power that technology has to enrich our live so if we use it properly we can reach our goals.


The Pros

measures your heart rate all day long
has different setting for a workout and gives reports on workout
Caller ID
wireless communication via Bluetooth
measure how well you sleep at night
has built in vibrating alarm to wake you up


it is splash proof but not water proof.

So the main negative that I have found is that you can use it for swimming, surfing or any type of water sports as you run the risk of damaging the fitbit. But if you are an average Joe who needs a bit of motivation to get up and go then this is a great product for you as it will show you in graphs exactly what you have been doing, or not doing as the case may be.

I find that when I am confronted with the fact like I don’t walk enough and it shows me in a step count or a graph I try a little bit more so that I get my steps up. So I do find the features to be quite motivating.

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