jumping rope burn fat anywhere

Health Benefits Of Jumping Rope

The health benefits of jumping rope does just stop at weight loss, there are loads of other benefits as well. However most of the time when people think of a jumping rope they either think boxer or children in a playground jumping over the rope. Although this is the case jumping rope is a great workout and that it why boxers do it. I am going to go though the benefit that jumping rope will provide.

health benefits of jumping ropeWeight Loss

The first big benefit that people like about jumping rope is that it helps with weight loss. You can burn up to 10 calories a minute while you are jumping and at the same time you are strengthening your muscles in your legs, butt, shoulders and arms.

So how does that relate to losing weight? Let say for example you do two 10 minute workouts with the jump rope every day. That equates to 200 calories a day and 1000 calorie if you do it 5 days out of 7. Do you think that would go along way to your weight loss goals? I think it would but there are other benefits to this exercise as well so lets read on

Improves Your Coordination

Continually jumping with a jump rope improves your coordination by having you focus on your feet. Even if you aren’t conscious thinking about you feet your sub-conscious is. So just like boxing you will become lighter on your feet by jumping and the more tricks you do the better you will become.

Improves Bone Density

As we age our bone mass decrease and there have been studies to help us understand how to increase our bone density. An article here at medicalnewstoday.com show that if you do a weight lifting program or a jump rope program that your bone mass significantly increases after six months and all it takes in 60 to 120 minutes per a week. That means all you need to find is 10 minutes a day to improve your bone density.

Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries

Exercising using a jump rope also help in many other sports like boxing, tennis and basket ball. As all these sport require you to be light on your feet. You are also prone to foot and ankle injuries. This is where jumping rope helps. When jumping rope you are taught to stay on the balls of your feet. This will build strength up in the muscles surrounding your ankle and foot which decreases the chance of injury.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Doing this exercise continually for more than 10 minutes will have you increase your heart rate. So this counts as a aerobic exercise and with an increased heart rate you improve how effective your heart pumps oxygenated blood around your body, so overall your heart is healthier but you do need to do 15 plus minutes a day, at least five times a week.

Improved Breathing Efficiency

It is not just your heart that gets a work out your lungs do to. This means that your lung efficiency is improving so that you can put more oxygen into the blood which means you can work out longer or run better. Your muscles can with stand a little more because they have a higher supply of oxygen.

jumping rope burn fat anywhereCompletely Portable and Fun

Does matter what your day throws at you or where your day takes you, the jump rope can always be their as it is simple, small and portable. If you are in a group of friends or with family you can have fun by having competitions. You can make you what you like, or try doing tricks have a laugh, have fun enjoy the day.

Improves Your Ability to Stay Calm

When jumping rope you are not only giving your body a work out you are giving your mind a work out as well. For example you are jumping up and down at the same time you are swinging a rope. You need to swing the rope in a rhythm as well as jump to a rhythm if you are off by a second in the jump or the swing, you fail and the rope hits your feet. So you become synchronize with your mind, body and rope which help you to stay calm in other situations.

So with these benefits why not create a workout plan that involves jumping rope you’ll lose weight, improve your coordination, strengthen your bones, help your lungs and heart, have fun and improve your ability to stay calm. That is quite a lot for a simple bit of rope to do.

Do You Jump rope at home? Can you do any tricks? I love hearing from everyone so why not let me know in the comment box below

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