how to get a six pack at home

How to get a six pack at home

how to get a six pack at homeWhen women think of a good looking man one thing they think of is the six pack. Its what every man who exercises wants the six squares that shows off how hard they have worked.

Here in this article I have outline how to get a six pack at home because not everyone wants to go to the gym or even has the time in their busy schedule to get their so here are a few things to focus on when you are trying to chisel out a six pack.

More is not always better – think resistance not reps

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is that they run full speed into working on their abs and they do ridiculously amounts of crunches or sit ups a day and wonder why they haven’t got their abs yet. When build your abs it just like building other muscles its not all about how many you can do its about how much you can lift. So try adding weights or a cable machine for working on your abs

Your abs are their they are just hiding

Everyone has a six pack but you have a layer of fat that hides them. IF you want them to show you need to get your body fat percentage down to a level that you can see them. This is different for everyone one but most people starts seeing their abs at 11 to 12 percent. This means you must have a good diet in order to get your fat percentage down.


On average our bodies are made up of 65% of water and it is something we must drink for us to stay alive. Not only that our bodies start to lose mental and physical function at a 1% dehydration level but we only start to feel thirsty at 2 to 3% dehydration. So if we want to look good we need to keep ourselves running effectively so drink plenty of water each day is a must. It also has an add benefits of helping muscle recovery and keeping us fuller for long so we don’t binge eat.


Protein helps build muscles but you don’t have to eat loads of it all day long. You only need about 0.8 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Protein will not only help in the building and maintenance of muscle it will also keep you full so it help with controlling your diet.

Good Fat

good fatsNot all fat is created equal. There are good fats and Trans fats. Trans fats are the one you find in processed food and these build up around your waist line. Instead replace them with good fat that are found in avocado’s, nuts, olives and seeds.

Earn Your Extra Carbs

When you are working hard and training hard you can add extra carbs to your diet. This is so you can keep up with you strenuous exercises but the same is true for the opposite. If you aren’t training hard you may need to cut out some cabs in order to maintain your weight and muscles. You should also avoid refined carbs such as bread so you don’t have a sugar spike and torch your efforts.

mind set

There is a difference between the people who have a six pack and the people who want one. It is their mind set. The men who have a six pack have a set of values that tell them what they need in order to maintain their body. They don’t stray from this otherwise they’ll lose what they have work hard for.

The people who want a six pack and cann’t get one are the people who try everything out for the first day, week or month depend on what it is then don’t see the results they want so they blame the system and give up. Which One Are you?

Strengthen your core

Trying to get a six pack doesn’t mean just working on those muscles you will need to balance it out and strengthen your whole core so you get that good body look.

You will want to work on your internal and external obliques, as well as your erector spinae muscles so that you can develop a strong core and work towards that six pack.

Compound exercise for the best results

When you do compound exercise they work more than one muscles which means that doing these types of exercise will work your core harder than doing any sit-up. These exercise also get the results you want faster because you are strengthen more muscles at the same time.

So if you work hard are dedicated and focus there should be nothing that stands in your way to that six pack and a great looking body.

Are you working towards getting a six pack? Leave a comment below on your progress and how you have got to were you are.

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