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hula hooping for weight loss

hula hooping dvdThe hula hoop isn’t a child hood toy anymore, many people have started to use the hula hoop for weight loss. There have been studies done that suggest hula hooping for 30 minutes a day can burn 210 calories. That is the same as jogging on a treadmill but you don’t get the impact of running so hooping is kinder to your joints. So after doing hula hooping for 4 weeks at least you could lose 3 to 6 inches of your waist but you need to be committed. You can even get hula hoop exercises on DVD‘s to make it easier and more fun.

How the hula hoop works – its all about engaging the core

When you want to lose weight the main muscle you have is your core muscles it controls every movement you make so engaging your core muscles is a must. By core muscle engagement over time you will get that flat stomach, slim hips and tone muscles. To keep the hoop moving around, you will need to learn your rhythm that is either a forward and back or side to side. This is pushing your abs forward then your hips back or rocking your hips side to side and it does take a bit of practice.

The Weighted hula hoop

When you think of a hula hoop you cast your mind back to those childhood days of that light weight pink fluorescent hoop that stood out anywhere. Well times have moved on and so has the hula hoop. You can now get adult hoops which are much larger and can be weighted. Having a weighted hula hoop makes it a lot easier to keep the hoop spinning so you can hula hoop for longer.

benefits of hula hooping with a weighted hoopUsing the hula hoop

To start you will want to stand up straight having good posture, with your feet shoulder with apart and the right foot slightly in front of the left. Then you want to give the hoop a good swing counter clockwise and start to move your abs forward then your hips back finding the rhythm to keep the hoop moving.

Don’t worry if it keeps dropping down as in the beginning that is normal and it will drop a lot but you will gradually find your rhythm and that mean you will be able to spin the hula hoop for long periods of time or do other stuff while hooping. Some people read a book or make phone calls but as with everything it take time and practice.

Hula hooping is a fun thing to do and it burn calories so why won’t you want to do it. With hula hooping burning the same as a treadmill run which one would you rather do the long run or the fun hoop. But what even your exercise routine consistency is the key just keep at it and you will get the results you want.

Do you use the hula hoop? If so what have the results been like for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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