JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bikeThe JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike is a good choice for anyone at any fitness level from a beginner to a serious athlete. This is because you can adjust it to suit your individual needs so that you can tone muscle and burn calories at your rate.

So weather you are just starting out on your fitness journey and want to lose some weight or you are a season pro and want to keep your fitness level or take it to the next level this might be the exercise bike for you below I have outline the features that this bike has to offer so that you can make the best decision possible.

Height Adjustments

This exercise bike will adjust for almost everyone so that you can get a comfortable ride. It has 6 vertical levels to adjust on the handlebars and the seat will adjust 6 horizontal levels and 10 vertical levels. This puts you in control so that you can get the position of the handlebars and seat right for you.


Apart from all the different position you can adjust the seat into one customer said that the seat was comfortable on a 30 minute session. However everyone is different and it depends on a few factors like how used to a saddle you are. So always take comments about the seat with a pinch of salt and if you are new to riding it might be best to get a gel saddle for comfort.


The pedals are designed like an actual bike with a 3 piece crank system which makes them a lot stronger and more reliable. It also give you a smooth ride as if you were riding a bike. The pedals are also fitted with a secure foot cage so that you can ensure your foot doesn’t slip.

MonitorJLL IC300 monitor

The exercise bike comes with a 6 function monitor which will count your time you spend on the bike, the current speed you are going at when on the bike, distance you have travel, the projected calories you may have burnt, the Odo show your overall distance travel since either a reset or changed batteries and your pulse which its sensors are built into the handlebars.

Knowing all this information makes it easier for anyone to track their performance and improve upon it. As in all things the only one you are in competition with is yourself.


The JLL IC300 exercise bike comes equipped with an emergency brake so that you can stop quickly if you need to. The leaver is located in front of the rider next to the resistance adjust knob.

Weight Rating.

If you are just starting out or you are a lean mean fighting machine you need to know that this bike can handle it. So this bike is rated to handle a Maximum of 130KG which come to 20.47 stone or 286.6lbs.

Adjustable Intensity

There is a 18kg flywheel on this bike which will give a smooth ride for beginners or a tough challenging workout for though of you who want to feel the sweat dripping off you.


You can rest assured that this exercise bike comes with a 12 month warranty so that you have that peace of mind when it comes to your exercise bike. They also say that if an issues happen they will try and sort it out with in 10 days. However you should always check before you buy.

DimensionsJLL IC300 Dimensions

The stated dimensions of the product is 108cm by 83cm by 19.5cm and it weighs in at 40kg.
However because the seat and handlebars are adjustable the height or the product will vary with the handlebars going to a maximum height of 115cm and the seats maximum height being 112cm. The lowest the handlebars goes to is 103cm and the seat goes down to 90cm.

Additional features

Direct chain driven for a comfortable pedalling in both directions: forwards and backwards, this simulates the feel of riding a real bike

Compact and easily transported with built in wheels.

The exercise bike is direct chain driven which adds to the feel of riding an actual bike as you pedal in both directions.

It also has built in wheels so it can be transported relatively easy.

Included accessories

Free plastic bottle and bottle holder on frame
There is a nice added touch of a free plastic bottle and a bottle holder attracted to the frame. This will make it easy to have water hand when to need to quince that thirst.


This bike is design with both beginners and serious sportsmen in mind. Its a bike that you can progress your fitness level with.

-With is ability to adjust the seat and handlebars to suit a wide range of people.
-the design of a 3 piece crank system so that the user can have a sense of riding a real bike
-The built in wheels allow for the owner to transport it easily
-Its 18kg flywheel to give even the sportiest person a good workout.


The main con for this bike is that the resistance levels are unclear as you only have have knob to turn with a plus or a minus on it. So you can no idea of the level you are at which would have been nice to know.

Consumer rating

At time of writing this review there aren’t much Amazon review with only 6 people leaving their opinions so a 4.2 stars out of 5 isn’t much to go on. But it is a start and 5 people out of 6 liked the product and the one person who didn’t seem like he had a bad product and you are going to get some of those.


The Recommend retail price is £599 but on Amazon it isn’t selling no where near that price. When I last look it was on sale with even more money off there already low price. You can also get this bike in two different colours. Both are pretty much the same its either white or black. Visit Amazon for current prices

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