NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill Review

NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill

The NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill has 38 workout apps with each one design to test you. With its decline and incline features it will push you to see how far you can go. At the end of it all you will find that you can get a great workout from this machine.

What Spec is the Motor?

The Elite 2500 treadmill comes with a commercial pro motor that has a peak power of 5.5HP and a 3.8 Continuous horse power. This means that not only it can go at high-speed it can sustain them for longer than other motors.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

The NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill can reach speeds of up to 22 KM/h which is 13.6MPH. This is great for anyone who is serious about running. You can change the speed by the one touch buttons on the console.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

This treadmill not only has an automatic incline feature of up to 15% it also can do a decline of -3% which is fantastic for anyone who want to train hills. Having an automatic incline feature is great as you can adjust you workout for your current fitness level or if you are having an off day.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?

There is built it pulse grip sensors to get you intermittent heart rate and you can use its wireless receiver so that you can track your progress and meet your goals. You can do this with the chest strap that comes with the treadmill.

Does it Fold Away?NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill Review folded

This treadmill is a fold away machine that folds up quite far in to the hand rails. The folded dimensions are 120 long by 93 wide by 184 high. The benefit that the treadmill folds away is that it gives you extra room to move around it.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The size of the running deck is 55cm wide by 152cm long. The deck also has an adjustable runners flex cushioning system which means that you can have it turn on full so that you protect you joint and have a softer run or turn it off and make it feel like your running on the road.

Is there a Warranty?

The NordicTrack Elite comes with a lifetime warranty of the frame, a 10 year warranty on the motor and a 2 year parts and labour warranty. But you only get this if you register within 28 days of buying the treadmill.

Who it is for?

This treadmill is for your committed intermediate runner who is always trying to improve or the advance runner who wants to stay in stay for competition.

What is the Dimensions?

The dimensions of the treadmill when in use are 190cm long by 93cm wide by 160cm high. This means that it is a little wide than some other treadmills which is good as it give you more room to run. The folded dimensions are 120cm long by 93cm wide by 184 high. This means that the treadmill gives you an extra 70cm of round when you fold it up.

Are there any other Features?NordicTrack Elite 2500 Treadmill Review

38 Workout Apps

There are 38 workout app that are built in to this treadmill so that you can get the training you want. Weather that be calorie, heart rate control, incline and speed workouts.

Integrated accessory tray

When building this machine they thought of the user in mind because they put an accessory tray to have your remote, towel and anything else you might need close at hand.

Two Levels of Cool

There are two fans build in this machine designed to keep you cool. One on the console that gives you cool breeze the pace you workout is and another in front of the accessory tray.

What are the Pros?

  • Up to 22km/h

  • Keeps you cool

  • Has a tray to keep things at hand

  • Runners flex cushioning

  • Has a decline and incline feature

  • Heart rate monitor with chest strap

  • 10 year motor warranty

What are the Cons?

  • Have to register within 28 days of purchasing or you don’t get warranty

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

The treadmill doesn’t have many reviews yet so it is hard to judge what other people are saying about this treadmill. What it does have at time of writing is 1 review on amazon and 6 on with an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of a possible 5 stars.

How Well is it Priced?

You get what you pay for with this machine. With it priced above £1500 you expect it to deliver and with all the feature, workout apps, cooling fans and the ability to go at a decline as well as an incline it is worth the money for the level of workout you will get.


This treadmill is expensive but it is worth the money if you are a serious runner. With all the features aim to test your ability and make you go further than you have gone before. It also has you in mind so that it keeps you cool and all you necessity’s at hand so you can dry the sweat off or have anything else you will need.

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Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill Review

Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill Review

The Horizon T4000 Premier Folding Treadmill is design for the runner. With Workout programs to test you and speeds up to 20km/h you will find that this machine has a lot to offer.

What Spec is the Motor?

The motor has a spec of 2.5 CHP and a peak power of 4.0HP.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

The T4000 treadmill can go to speeds of 20 km an hour which is 12 miles per an hour. You can change the speed on the center console or by using the hand rail buttons. With the ability to go to 12 miles per hour this a treadmill for runners.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

It has an automatic incline of up to 12% which is controlled by the center console or you can adjust it by the buttons on the hand rails.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?

There are hand pulse grips for reading your heart rate or the treadmill comes with a polar chip receiver which means it can communicate with some heart rate monitor. Some people say that some cheap heart rate monitor works with the horizon treadmill but the chip was design to work we polar technology like the polar H7. Its up to you which one you try you could buy a cheaper version but make sure you do you homework and check if it will work.

Does it Fold Away?

This treadmill fold in to an up right position which means it takes up a lot less space than the ones that go at a 45 degree angle. Its folded dimensions are 110cm long by 93.5cm wide and 195.5cm high.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The Horizon T4000 running deck is 152cm by 51cm which gives you plenty of room to get into your running stride. It also has a 4.4mm thick orthopaedic belt so that it can balance firmness and shock absorption. The deck also has what horizon call a VCS. This is their variable cushioning system to give you extra support and absorbing shock.

Is there a Warranty?

This treadmill has a Home use warranty only. This means that you can only have the warranty for home not for the gym. IT comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor and a 3 years parts and labour warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong in the first three year you should be cover by their warranty.

Who it is for?

This treadmill is for the committed intermediate runner or the advance runner because it can reach speeds of 20km/h (12.4MPH) which the beginner or the 1 a week intermediate runner wouldn’t reach. This means they would be paying extra for features that they don’t need or wouldn’t get to for a long time.

What is the Dimensions?

The open dimensions of the treadmill are 215cm long by 93.5cm wide and 145cm high. The folded dimensions are 110cm long by 93.5cm wide and 195.5cm high. The ability to fold up to a 90degree angle for a power machine is great because you can get a good workout then fold it away so it didn’t take up that much space.

Are there any other Features?

The workout pre set feature of the treadmill are split in to 10 multi-level workouts. These are Manual, Intervals, Rolling, Weight Loss, Hill Run, Hill Climb, Race, Heart Rate Control & 2 x Custom .

This gives you an array of choices for what type of workout you want to do.

What are the Pros?

  • Orthopaedic, heavy duty running belt

  • Variable Cushioning System (VCS)

  • 10 Multi Level programs

  • foldaway design

  • Up to 20KM/h

What are the Cons?

  • Only 12% incline when commercial treadmill go to 15%

  • Not speakers like some other treadmills do

  • Only display in MPH some people like it in KM/h

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

At time of writing there are only 4 reviews on Amazon and they have given the product 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. On another website call fitness super store which sells the product there are 14 reviews and they have given it 4.5stars out of 5 again this is at time of writing. So overall people do like the product there just isn’t that many review writing about it.

How Well is it Priced?

With the treadmill in the £1000 mark you need to be committed to running to even think about it. With that say it is on the cheaper side of a runner machine as there are better ones out there which cost more like the NordicTrack Elite 2500. So with that in mind it is price competitively.


Overall it is a powerful machine design for the runner in mind. Something to challenge and test the runner to see what they are made of and to make them better.

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Branx Fitness Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness Treadmill Review

Branx Fitness Treadmill ReviewThe Branx Fitness Treadmill is a runners treadmill. With its impressive 3.5CHP motor and 1 touch setting it gives you all the tools you need to take your runs indoors when the weather gets too much to go outside.

What Spec is the Motor?

The Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro’ treadmill has an impressive 6.5HP motor that can run at a 3.5 CHP without losing any power or over heating. It does this also with the help of it dual cooling fans. This means that you can work out hard and for longer on your treadmill.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

This treadmill goes from 1km/h up to 23km/h which is 0.6 miles per hour to a max of 14.3 miles per hour. You can use the normal up and down buttons to find your speed or you can use their 1 touch speed buttons that are pre set at 3, 6, 9, 12 and 16. This makes it easier to interval training on the treadmill as you only have to press a button to speed up then press one to slow down.

With the max speed at 14.3MPH this is a machine that can be used for running and with the average jogging speed at 4 to 5 MPH you have a lot of room to advance in your speed.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

The Branx Fitness Treadmill comes with an automatic incline feature which goes from 0 to level 22. It to can be adjusted the normal way with the up and down buttons or you can use the pre set 1 touch button to cycle through 3, 5, 8, 12 and 15. This makes it easier to simulate running our doors without having to fiddle with the up or down buttons.

Does it have a built-in heart rate Monitor?

IT comes with built it heart rate monitor where you place you hands on the sensor that are built into the handlebars. It will give you intermittent results but as I have said before if you want to track you heart rate it is better to buy a product design for that function. Like the Fitbit HR

Does it Fold Away?

It does fold away at a good angle as well but it still takes up a lot of room. It folded dimensions are 82cm long by 70cm wide by 150cm high. IT good that it folds up a good way so that you have more room to move about but there is treadmill that fold straight up so that they take up even less room.

What is the size of the running Deck?

Now seeing that this is a machine to run on it gives you the room to do it with 48cm wide and 140cm long you have plenty of room to get into your stride. It also states that it is a high quality and durable belt that is 2mm thick.

Is there a Warranty?

With this treadmill you get a 5 year motor and frame warranty so that if the motor goes or the frame buckles you are covered for 5 years. It also gives you a 2 years parts and on site labour so that if anything goes wrong in the first 2 years your shouldn’t have to pay anything.

Who it is for?

This treadmill is advertised as the Elite Runner Pro and it cans with all the things you want from a machine built for runners. A good top speed, with a motor that can handle it. Good space to run on and auto inclines to simulate hill runs.

Branx Fitness Treadmill DimensionsWhat is the Dimensions?

The full assembled dimensions are 190cm long by 80cm wide by 132cm high and when you fold it away the dimensions go to 82cm long by 70cm wide by 150cm high.

Are there any other Features?

The other feature that this treadmill has is 19 pre set programs, as well as a BMI readout feature. It has a 7 inch LCD readout display to make it easy to see what you have done.

It also has a Dual Shock 10-Point Deck Absorption System to make it easier on you joints so that less pressure is put on your knees and back.

What are the Pros?

  • 23km/h Max Speed

  • BMI (Body Fat) Readout Feature

  • 6.5HP Motor

  • Plasma Dual Cooling FANS

  • 19 pre-set Programs

  • 1 touch speed buttons: 3,6,9,12, 16

  • 1 touch incline buttons: 3,5,8,12,15

  • MP3 Socket + High Quality Speakers

  • 0 – 22 Level Auto Incline

  • 7″ LCD readout display unit

  • Dual Shock 10-Point Absorption Running Deck Suspension System

What are the Cons?

  • Takes up a lot of room

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

At time of writing the branx fitness treadmill has 151 review on Amazon with a 4.7 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. So most people who bought this treadmill like it. There are a few who didn’t like it or got bad service but you get that with every product. With the recent review one of the customer say: Prompt and courteous replies when contacting customer service” So it does look like they have good customer service in place as well.

How Well is it Priced?

At time of writing the treadmill is a little under £700 but you get what you pay for. A machine with a powerful motor that can have you running at 14.3MPH. For similar spec the Horizon treadmill is in the £1000 mark and the Nordic is in the £600 mark. These aren’t like for like but it gives you the range of prices for a runner treadmill at home.


At this spec this is a machine made for runners. IF you are in good shape and want a machine that can challenge you then this might be the one for you. It give a great 3.5CHP motor with other that I have seen are only 2.5CHP in this range.

If you are a beginner or intermediate this might not be the one for you a you will be paying for thing that you wouldn’t use at least not until you get for fitness up to a level that you can with stand a run for 10 MPH or more. If you are a beginner and looking a treadmill you could start by looking at JLL S300 Treadmill.

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JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill Review

JLL S300 Folding Treadmill

JLL S300 Folding TreadmillThe JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill will take you from beginner to intermediate. With its 15 pre set programs and auto incline it will get your heart racing, body sweating and fat burning in no time at all. It all depends on how committed you are to your goals whether you are thinking about getting fit or in the process of getting fit this machine can help but only if you use it.

What Spec is the Motor?

The JLL S300 has a 4.5HP motor which is 3350W’s. It has also been rated at 2.5CHP. CHP is a term used for motors which means continuous horse power. This means that the motor will maintain 2.5HP throughout your workout.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

JLL S300 Treadmill the workouts

This treadmill has a smooth start speed which is 0.3km per hour. This is a very slow start speed which means that anyone no matter who you are can start on this treadmill. It can then be sped up to a max speed of 16km per hour which is about 10 miles per hour.

You can change the speed on the centre console or you can use the buttons on the hand rails which makes it easier and safer. With this treadmill going up to 10 miles per an hour you can run on it just bear in mind that if you could run at 10 miles per an hour you would push the treadmill to its max so you will have to think about wear and tear.

If you are someone who wants the treadmill for walking or running then that would be fine as it is aim at the beginner to intermediate fitness level.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

The treadmill comes with 20 levels of automatic incline which makes it so easy to change you angle of running during your workout. The gradient of the incline goes from 0 to 12%.

The benefits of having an automatic incline is that your workout can be more effective because you can change your gradient throughout your workout depending on weather you want it to be harder or easier. You can also have the incline set within the pre-set workout programs.

Does it have a built-in heart rate Monitor?

There is a built-in heart rate monitor in the S300 which measures your heart rate in pulsations per a minute(PPM). It will give you your heart rate reading when you place you hands on the heart rate sensors. This is great to keep an eye on your heart rate but it does take time to give you a reading which throws off your balance and rhythm if you are jogging.

If you are walking its fine and doesn’t cause that much of a problem but if you are jogging and want to keep an eye on your heart rate it might be better to get a heart rate monitor designed for that job alone. You can one that strap to your chest and send the information to your phone, but it all comes down to what your goals are and what you want to measure.

Does it Fold Away?

The treadmill has a hydraulic arm that locks the deck in place once lifted. It makes the treadmill deck feel light weight and easy to lift. The treadmill doesn’t however fold up to a 90 degree angle, its more like a 45 degree angle which still give more room around the treadmill but not as much as others give.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The running deck size is 123cm in length by 41cm in width which give you plenty of room to get into your walking or jogging stride.

Is there a Warranty?

The JLL S300 comes with a home use warranty only. This means that the treadmill is for home use only and not a gym. The Warranty cover different parts of the treadmill for different lengths of time.

It gives you:

Lifetime frame guarantee

2 year parts and labour

5 year motor cover

The motor is the most used part on the treadmill so it is good that it has a 5 year cover as this is the part that will most likely go.

Who it is for?

With the top speed being 10 miles per the hour this treadmill is aim at the beginner to intermediate user. It is either someone who is just starting their fitness journey or someone who has been working hard all summer on their fitness and doesn’t want to lose it over the winter so they have decide to take their workout indoors. If you are a beginner or intermediate runner what ever your reason for start this treadmill will have a setting for you.

What is the Dimensions?

The dimensions for the treadmill when it is down and ready to go are 158 length x 70 width x 128 height. When the treadmill is folder away it goes at an 45 degree angle and its dimensions are 100 length x 70 width x 141 height.

Are there any other Features?JLL S300 USB and jack

The JLL S300 have lots of features. It has high-powered speaker for you to listen to your music when you are exercising. This can been done by putting your prefer music device into a USB socket or an audio jack.

The treadmill also comes with 15 professional running programs for you to choose from depending on your goals and level of fitness. And if you want something a little different 3 or them can be customised.

The treadmill also has built-in wheels to make it easier to move about and has 2 built-in bottle holders so that if you are on the treadmill for an hour and you need a lot of water then you can have two bottle there ready.

Also the treadmill has a 16 point shock absorption system which reduces the impact on your joints, reduces the noise running on the treadmill makes and it is safe than running on concrete.

What are the Pros?JLL S300 Digital Folding Treadmill the pros

  • 2.5 CHP motor

  • Smooth start from 0.3km/h

  • 16km/h top speed

  • automatic incline of up to 12%

  • Built in heart rate monitor

  • Warranty

  • 15 pre set running programs

  • built-in speakers

  • wheels to make it easier to more.

  • 16 point shock absorption system

What are the Cons?

  • Even though it folds away it still takes up lots of room

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

At time of writing the JLL S300 has 163 reviews on Amazon and 4.4 stars out of a possible 5 stars for its rating. So overall most people like this treadmill.

Also at time of writing this treadmill in only one of two which has over 100 reviews in Amazon top best sellers although this treadmill has been around for a few years it is still going strong.

How Well is it Priced?

At under £400 it is for the committed exerciser or a very expensive clothes rack. However compare to other treadmills with similar specification it is price quite well as you could pay a lot more for some treadmills. But at the end of the day it all depends on if this treadmill is the right fit for you to match your goals.


Overall this is a good investment in your health. It comes with a lot of extra that are sometimes handy little thing to have that you don’t normally consider. If you are more of an advanced running you should be looking at this machine because you would out run it you will need to look at something the next level up a Branx Fitness Foldable ‘Elite Runner Pro maybe.

However if you are a beginner or an intermediate runner who is committed to their own health and want to keep moving forward then this could be the treadmill for you.

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Confidence Power Trac Pro Electric Motorised Treadmill Review

Confidence Power Trac Pro Electric Motorised Treadmill

Confidence Power Trac Pro Electric Motorised Treadmill

The Confidence Power Trac Pro Electric Motorised Treadmill is a compacted, easy to use entry level treadmill aim at those who want to get more active in the comfort of there own home. It allows the user to start at there own pace then progress getting faster when they get fitter.

What Speed does the Treadmill Go?

The speed range of the treadmill is 1km to 10km per hour. This is 0.6 mile to 6.2 miles per hour. Considering that the average speed someone will jog at is between 4 to 5 miles per an hour this treadmill will allow you to start at a walking pace and work your way up to a jog. You can change the speed by press the + or – button on the centre console. However if you want to run this is not the machine for you as 10km or 6.2 miles per hour is consider a slow run if you are an active person. Or if you are like me and not so active 6.2 miles an hour is quite hard to maintain for an entire jog and I thought I was quite active.

Does the treadmill have an Incline Feature?

This treadmill comes with an adjustable manual incline, that can be set at either 5 degrees, 3.5 degrees or 2 degrees. It is adjusted at the back of the treadmill connecting to the rear legs. There are 3 holes in the legs for the adjustments. This type of incline is good in one way where there is less to go wrong as there is no motor. Also if you are the set it and plough through your workout then this will be fine. However if you are progressing through your workout and then find that you were a little to ambitious with your incline settings you can’t adjust it unless you stop your workout get off the machine and adjust the incline. Your only other option is to slow down your pace which you might not have done otherwise.

Does it have a built in heart rate Monitor?

Unlike other machines there is no heart rate monitor with this treadmill but if you want to monitor your heart rate there are loads of other options out there and most of them are better than the built in monitors.

Does it Fold Away?Confidence Power Trac Pro folded up

The treadmill will fold so it is standing up and it measures at 126cm x 61cm x 27cm. This is great if you don’t have much roomand placing it in a room that you use for something else.

What is the size of the running Deck?

The deck size is 100cm long and 36cm wide which is good for being able to store away but if you are a tall person then there might not be enough room for your stride length. I would say if you are over six foot tall then you need to be looking at get a treadmill with a bigger deck.

Is there a Warranty?

On the The Sports HQ Amazon it says that you have a 12 month warranty with all of there products but they don’t go into detail about what they cover. However under UK law you are covered with the sales of goods act 1979 . The Act says that the goods have to be of satisfactory quality and be durable: this means you can expect goods to last a certain period of time before having to pay out for repairs. And if you pay using a credit card then under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. This Act makes your card provider jointly and equally liable with the retailer for any breach of contract.

Who it is for?

This treadmill is aim at the beginner someone who isn’t that active but would like to be more active or the lightly active individual who likes to do a quick workout 2 or 3 times a week in the comfort of there own home.

What is the Dimensions?

The size of the treadmill when down and ready for use is 125cm x 61cm x 120cm. The running deck size is 36cm x 100cm, and when you are not using the treadmill, folded away the size is 126cm x 61cm x 27cm. For it size when out and in use it is virtually the same size as the others in its price range and when folded away it is slightly small than some but it al depends on how they fold away.

Are there any other Features?

There are some built in pre-set buttons that can help you when you are doing you work out. On the centre console there are four quick-select speed that are 3km/h, 5km/h, 8km/h, 10km/h. This help to get you started or when you want to increase your speed to one of these it is easier than pressing the + button a few times.

What are the Pros?

  • Good for a beginner

  • Goes from 1km/h up to 10km/h

  • Manual incline so less to go wrong

  • folds upright so it takes up less room when not in use.

What are the Cons?

  • Can’t change the incline during a workout

What are the Consumer Ratings like?

On Amazon at time of writing this review the Confidence Power Trac Pro 735W Electric Motorised Treadmill has 74 reviews and a 4.3 star rating so most people who buy this treadmill from Amazon like it. The same people who sell it on Amazon also sell this treadmill on Tesco website and at time of writing they have 109 reviews with a 4.4 star rating out of 5.

Which ever site you look at most people get this treadmill 4 or 5 star and as you would expect with everything there are some people who didn’t like the product or just got a fault product. These are few and far between and Amazon or Tesco sorting out the problems but it doesn’t give that review a good experience.

How Well is it Priced?

At under £200 this is a good entry level treadmill and is virtually the same as other treadmills in its price range. So it will come down to if you like it or not and if it will suit your needs.


For the price this is an entry level treadmill for someone who is thinking of becoming more active then this would be a good buy for them as it is basic and will give them a starting point to work from. If you are however really active and need something that you can run on all the time you are going to be looking at treadmills that are a little bit more expensive as you will need the extra running room and motor speed.

To Find Out More About The Confidence Power Trac Pro Electric Motorised Treadmill Please Click Here

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym review

Body Sculpture BR3010 two in one machine

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym reviewThe Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym is a two in one machine that gives you a bit of flexibility when it comes to your workouts. It is more design for the beginner fitness person rather than someone who is already in good shape. Let dive in and see what the BR3010 has to offer:

Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower and Gym on

What type of machine is this for?

With the combination of rowing and gym you will be able to have a flexible plan when it comes to your fitness. You have the rowing machine for your cardio workouts and you have the ability to turn it into a gym to do some targeted muscle work outs.

Not the most advance machine but if you are looking for a machine that can help you with weight loss and tone your muscles with the same machine then this might be the one for you.

What type of resistance?

Unlike normal rowing machines where you will have Magnetic, Hydraulic, or Sculling for your resistance this machine uses tension in the form of rubber bands. You have a choice of using one, two or three bands depending on the level of resistance you want in your workout.

Are you in the right position?

Positioning is everything when it comes to working out and having equipment that is right for you is essential. The sculpture Br3010 has large pivoting footplates with secure strap to ensure your feet are in the right position.

Body Sculpture BR3010 two in one machineDo you have the space?

This machine is a compacted and slim line so that you can fit it into a smaller space than other machines. All you need to do is remove one pin to put it into storage.

Is there a weight limit?

There is a weight limit on this machine and that is 17 stone which is 238lbs or 108kgs


The rowing machine is L138.5cm x W42.5cm x H40cm.

Body Sculpture BR3010 computerFeatures

The Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower is compact and lightweight due to its tubular steel construction throughout the product.

It has adjustable resistance and comes with an on board computer to monitor how long you have been on the machine, your stroke count, total count, estimated calories burned and a functional to scan which just cycles from one to the other.


To help you get the most out of the Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower the manufactures have include a DVD so that it give you the best chance to use the machine to it full potential.


1/ This is a two in one machine capable of cardio workout as well as targeted work out on your arms, chest, and shoulders.

2/Low impact exercises that is safe for beginners, older users and those with ailments

3/Machine can easily accommodate a 6 foot tall person

4/ Machine is easy to set up quickly

5/Foldable for easy storage


1/ Some people say that it feels a little bit less stable than some of the larger rowing machines available today, but the larger the machine the bigger the price.

2/It doesn’t work as well for more advanced and physically fit exercisers so if you are in good shape this machine is not for you.

Consumer Ratings

At time of writing this review has 229 reviews and is rated 4.1 stars out of 5 by its users. So overall most people who use this machine do like it.


At time of writing there are four different prices on Amazon for this product and 2 of them are under £90 with free delivery. To find out if that is still there click here to visit for the Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower

To Sum Up

This is a two in one machine that is good for cardio and targeted muscle workouts. It is at a good price and more for your beginner fitness person than someone who is already an avid exerciser. It has a lot of features like a DVD and to be able to fold up for storage so if you are looking to start your weight loss journey then this machine is a top contender.

Health Benefits Of Jumping Rope

jumping rope burn fat anywhere

The health benefits of jumping rope does just stop at weight loss, there are loads of other benefits as well. However most of the time when people think of a jumping rope they either think boxer or children in a playground jumping over the rope. Although this is the case jumping rope is a great workout and that it why boxers do it. I am going to go though the benefit that jumping rope will provide.

health benefits of jumping ropeWeight Loss

The first big benefit that people like about jumping rope is that it helps with weight loss. You can burn up to 10 calories a minute while you are jumping and at the same time you are strengthening your muscles in your legs, butt, shoulders and arms.

So how does that relate to losing weight? Let say for example you do two 10 minute workouts with the jump rope every day. That equates to 200 calories a day and 1000 calorie if you do it 5 days out of 7. Do you think that would go along way to your weight loss goals? I think it would but there are other benefits to this exercise as well so lets read on

Improves Your Coordination

Continually jumping with a jump rope improves your coordination by having you focus on your feet. Even if you aren’t conscious thinking about you feet your sub-conscious is. So just like boxing you will become lighter on your feet by jumping and the more tricks you do the better you will become.

Improves Bone Density

As we age our bone mass decrease and there have been studies to help us understand how to increase our bone density. An article here at show that if you do a weight lifting program or a jump rope program that your bone mass significantly increases after six months and all it takes in 60 to 120 minutes per a week. That means all you need to find is 10 minutes a day to improve your bone density.

Decreases Foot and Ankle Injuries

Exercising using a jump rope also help in many other sports like boxing, tennis and basket ball. As all these sport require you to be light on your feet. You are also prone to foot and ankle injuries. This is where jumping rope helps. When jumping rope you are taught to stay on the balls of your feet. This will build strength up in the muscles surrounding your ankle and foot which decreases the chance of injury.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Doing this exercise continually for more than 10 minutes will have you increase your heart rate. So this counts as a aerobic exercise and with an increased heart rate you improve how effective your heart pumps oxygenated blood around your body, so overall your heart is healthier but you do need to do 15 plus minutes a day, at least five times a week.

Improved Breathing Efficiency

It is not just your heart that gets a work out your lungs do to. This means that your lung efficiency is improving so that you can put more oxygen into the blood which means you can work out longer or run better. Your muscles can with stand a little more because they have a higher supply of oxygen.

jumping rope burn fat anywhereCompletely Portable and Fun

Does matter what your day throws at you or where your day takes you, the jump rope can always be their as it is simple, small and portable. If you are in a group of friends or with family you can have fun by having competitions. You can make you what you like, or try doing tricks have a laugh, have fun enjoy the day.

Improves Your Ability to Stay Calm

When jumping rope you are not only giving your body a work out you are giving your mind a work out as well. For example you are jumping up and down at the same time you are swinging a rope. You need to swing the rope in a rhythm as well as jump to a rhythm if you are off by a second in the jump or the swing, you fail and the rope hits your feet. So you become synchronize with your mind, body and rope which help you to stay calm in other situations.

So with these benefits why not create a workout plan that involves jumping rope you’ll lose weight, improve your coordination, strengthen your bones, help your lungs and heart, have fun and improve your ability to stay calm. That is quite a lot for a simple bit of rope to do.

Do You Jump rope at home? Can you do any tricks? I love hearing from everyone so why not let me know in the comment box below

66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad Review

ab roller

66fit ab roller wheel66fit is a company by Physio Supplies Ltd who supplies physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports therapy equipment direct to the public and have been doing so since 1999. One of 66fit core beliefs is that true fitness is all or nothing so when it comes to their products they give all or nothing and the ab roller in no exception.

Its compact design makes it easy to store or take on the move anywhere where you take it out to the gym or take it on holiday to maintain your exercise it is small and portable



The Ab roller is design so that it can go back and forward easily and it can turn to the side so that you can work the tough oblique muscles.


The handles are made from a thick foam so that they are easy to grip and provide great comfort when doing exercises while help to maintain stability whilst in use.


The wheel is made from PVC Plastic with two high quality easy-glide wheels that roll simultaneously to reduce wheel wobble and help you control your workout.

ab rollerWhat you’ll Get

  • The Ab roller
  • kneel pad made from thick EVA foam
  • The box features instructional graphics to show how to operate the ab roller
  • More in-depth Videos online



At time of writing the 66fit Ab Roller Wheel & Knee Pad has 285 reviews with a 4.5 star rating out of 5. So this means that most of the people reviewing the product liked it and here is what some of them said:


Again at time of writing this product is a real bargain but you will have to check out to get current prices


Why should you use ab roller wheel in your workout?

Why should you use ab roller wheel in your workoutDo you want an exercise equipment that targets your core muscle and give them a really good workout. While at the same time working on your arms and shoulders. Then have you consider the ab wheel? I will go over what it is and how to use it below so let begin.

What is an ab roller

When you first look at the ab roller you will notice that all it looks like is a wheel and a handle either side. It looks like a bit of a gimmick but if you use it properly it will work you core muscles and shoulders. There are lots of different ways you can use the ab roller so that it engages your core and give you a good workout.

Does ab roller wheel really work

The ability to use the ab wheel in different ways means that anyone at any fitness level can use the equipment. It target the abs or rectus abdominus if you want to use its proper name by getting them to stabilize your spine as you do the exercise. The most common exercise of rolling your body out so it is extended forces your abs to work hard to keep everything straight. Then you return to the starting position and repeat. As simple and easy as a push up with the same compounding results.

Ab wheel for beginnersDoes ab roller wheel really work

If you are new to the ab wheel then I suggest you start on your knees so that you can get used to the movement of the wheel and how it forces you abs to work then you can progress onto hard positions.

So from a kneeing position place the wheel in front of you. Then roll out so that your body and arms are almost straight. You don’t want to go all the way at first because you might not be able to pull yourself back. Go as far as you feel comfortable so that you core is engaged and your body and arms are stretched out, then pull yourself back with you ab muscles. Rinse then repeat do a set of 10 or 15 to see how comfortable it is for you then rest.

Once you are able to roll out as far as you can go easily then you will be ready to try a more difficult roll to engage you abs muscle more and build them up even stronger.

Ab roller wheel exercises

Roll to sides for obliques workout.

When you are rolling back and forth from the plank you and then add in some side rolls so that you can target the obliques a little more. By this you start as normal but as you roll you turn left instead of going straight. Then you come back to the start. Then you roll out again and turn right, just so that you tone each side evenly.

standing roll

This is one of the most advance roll and it really hard to do. You need to have a strong core as well as strong arms, hips and have the muscles withstand the pressure while flexing.

So to do the standing roll you start with the wheel at you feet and your arms and legs straight. You then roll out reminding under complete control until you are as far out as you can go with good form. Then you pull yourself back to the starting position. IF you can do one or two you know how much strain it puts on your body and how strong your core muscles have to be in order to do this exercise.

Main points when doing the ab roller

  • keep the abs tight

  • don’t let you back sag keep it straight for good form

  • stay in control at all times.

With the ab roller putting your core muscle through there paces do you think it is something that you should be incorporating into your workouts? Even if it is something you don’t do right now the ab wheel does have some strong points and it is a simple, cheap and effective way to target your abs.

What do you think?

Do you think the ab roller will help you to a flatter stronger core or is it just a gimmick? Let me know in the comments below

wonder core smart review

wonder core smart review

wonder core smart reviewThe Wonder Core Smart Total Body Exercise System is a 6 in 1 machine that will help you to target every muscle group so that up can tone and strengthen your whole body. Let face it, if everyone had the choice they would choose a healthy look body every time.

However going after that 6 pack, the slim waist is hard work and it takes a healthy life style with a lot of exercising to get to that point. The wonder core smart still has a lot of hype even though it had been around for a while now. So I am going to see if it lives up to the hype of just another gimmick.

wonder core smart exercise machine- what can it do

The program is easy to follow. You get a 35 minute workout DVD that has 2 sessions which takes you through a series of exercises aimed at strengthen your core. All of the exercises that you do on it you will know they have packed it all up and put it in a machine. The types of exercises are:

  • Crunches

  • Push-ups

  • Bridges

  • Scissor Kicks

  • Forearm and Biceps

  • Triceps extensions

  • Ab Tucks

  • Bicycling

All that is required from you is to take the machine out pop in the DVD and follow along for 35 minutes. With its total body workout and its adjustable resistant you are sure to see some results.

However this is where I would like to point out that if you are full fit already even if you are in good shape this machine is not a magic bullet if you are fit you might not see much improvements as you have already toned you body. This machine is great for the unfit or first time exercisers, or people who may have an injury that need a little bit of help.

wonder core exercise machine reviewsWhat Is Included With This Abs Machine?

You don’t just get the machine you get everything you need to get starts right away.

  • Wonder Core Smart System

  • Two 35 minute workout DVDs

  • An Anti-slip Mat

  • Exercise and Nutrition Guide

  • User Manual


What Are The Pros And Cons?


-No assembly required take it out and start right away

-folds away for storage

-great for exercise beginners


-not for the fit person

-every exercise can be done for free without the machine

Is It worth it?

Depends on who’s buying if you are an active person who already trains then this is no magic bullet. However if you are in need of a little bit of help or just start to get back into exercising then this machine may help you do just that. It all depends on you goals and what time you are will to commit to exercising as the two 35 minute routines are not going to be enough to get you the 6 pack, but they will give you the help hand you need to get started.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get it from Thane for 89.99 at time of writing, or amazon does it a little bit cheap but there prices are always changing so you will have to  Check The Price At 

Optional Accessories

You can also get these accessories for an additional cost

Exercise Mat

Measuring 165cm x 55cm the Exercise Mat is perfect for placing under your unit not only during your Wonder Core Smart workout, but also for support and comfort when enjoying other exercises in your routine.

Twist Board

The Twist Board is specially designed for your Wonder Core Smart to provide you with an intense oblique workout to tone the sides of your stomach.

Click Here To Buy It Now At 

wonder core in action



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