We R Sports Exercise Bike

We R Sports Exercise Bike

We R Sports Exercise BikeAre you looking for a bike that can help you to lose weight, improve your stamina and build your athletic fitness? We R Sports Exercise Bike might be the one for you. It will give your legs, heart and lungs a good workout, combine it with some HIIT then you will be heading towards your goals in no time.

Lets get down to the brass tax and see what this bike is all about. At the very core of this product it is a basic bike with basic functions at a basic price so lets cycle through each part of the bike.



This exercise bike comes with clear instructions so that anyone can put it together. It does have some misinterpreted words but you will be able to follow the instructions easily. It will take about 40 minutes to put together depending on your skills at DIY, some people may be quicker some longer.

Height Adjustments

In the description of the bike it says that the height adjustable handlebars provide a realistic and comfortable cycling experience however upon reviewing the comments a lot of people have stated that the handlebars do not move so it doesn’t give a lot of flexibility for the tall person.


In the description of the product it same it comes with a comfortable seat. This must be a code word for manufactures as comfortable means something different to the people who actually use it for a while. The seat is more on the hard side but you can buy gel seat covers, cushion shorts or change the seat to compensate for this little oversight.

we r sports yellowPedals

It is a simple basic design for the pedal like you would find on most bikes, but it does have a plastic strap to keep your foot on when you are pushing hard in you workouts.


The we are sports exercise bike comes with a 5 function exercise monitor so that you can keep track of all your stats. Being a basic bike it does not give you any heart rate reading but what it does do is monitor your estimated calories burnt, the distance travelled the speed you are going at and how long you have been working out. All of this information is vial when you are trying to lose weight or training for a sport. It also has a scan function so that you can have it flip through all the stats as you are working out. The scan function save you the effort of taking you hand off the handle bars to switch through the stats yourself.


You can exercise in confidence know that if anything arises that needs you to stop the exercise bike quickly you can with its emergency stop system. Which is a posh way of saying it has a brake.

Weight Rating.

If you are starting out in the world of exercise then you will need to know that the exercise machine that you choose will support your starting weight. This exercise bike has a maximum user weight of 120kg. Which is 18.89 stone or 264.55lbs.

Adjustable Intensity

The intensity level is achieve by a knob that is on the centre frame. It has a plus or a minus system to give more or less resistance. The only problem with this way of resistance is that you can not measure how well you and doing in correlation with resistance. With it’s 10kg flywheel it does give a good work out but it could be better with something that you can measure resistance on.


We R sports has a 1 year warranty and this is what they say on their website:

“The We R Sports 12-month warranty warrants the product to operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the period of 1 year after the dispatch date. If your purchase suffers a manufacturer defect or fault of production, or a fault of material, then have no fear. You are covered for servicing local or otherwise.”
You can also send the product back up to 14 days after it has been deliver provide that you abide by their terms and conditions which is the normal original packaging speech, but do check their T&C’s.

With this type of warranty and returns process if its breaks within the first year it gets fix and if it arrives and you have changed your mind or you don’t like it you can send it back.

we r sports aerobic training cycleDimensions

The exercise bike is 101cm by 50cm by 125cm. It is small and compact weight only 28kg makes it easy to move around and place where you want it. You could even store it in the corner of a room only to bring it to the middle to exercise while watching the telly.


This product has only been out a little over a year as of writing this review and it already has a lot of feedback. Most people like this bike for it sturdy and solid design.

IT good that it comes in different colours so that can be a colour for everyone and it looks good.

It has a good resistant and some people say that they have used it for HIIT cardio.

The last pro is its warranty. With a 1 year warranty and a 14 day returns policy after you have received the product it seems like they will try to do everything for you that they can so that you can focus on your exercise.


A big downside for me is the adjustable intensity. Not being able to compare on level of intensity to the next is just something I personally don’t like. But being a basic bike you can’t really change this without putting the price up.

Another minus point that a lot of people said about in the comments is that the saddle is hard and you would need to replace it or get gel seat covers

Consumer rating

For only being first sold on Amazon in February 2014 it has accumulated 116 review and it has achieved a 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. That is quite good as I have seen some bikes that haven’t even good 30 reviews in total and they have been on Amazon for 6 year or more.


For what it does it is price reasonably. There are some bikes cheaper but they do not come close to the quality of this one and that is what the consumer rating tell us. The white version of this bike is £2 cheaper but it all depends on what colour you want. Head over to Amazon to check them out

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike Review

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike

JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bikeThe JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling exercise bike is a good choice for anyone at any fitness level from a beginner to a serious athlete. This is because you can adjust it to suit your individual needs so that you can tone muscle and burn calories at your rate.

So weather you are just starting out on your fitness journey and want to lose some weight or you are a season pro and want to keep your fitness level or take it to the next level this might be the exercise bike for you below I have outline the features that this bike has to offer so that you can make the best decision possible.

Height Adjustments

This exercise bike will adjust for almost everyone so that you can get a comfortable ride. It has 6 vertical levels to adjust on the handlebars and the seat will adjust 6 horizontal levels and 10 vertical levels. This puts you in control so that you can get the position of the handlebars and seat right for you.


Apart from all the different position you can adjust the seat into one customer said that the seat was comfortable on a 30 minute session. However everyone is different and it depends on a few factors like how used to a saddle you are. So always take comments about the seat with a pinch of salt and if you are new to riding it might be best to get a gel saddle for comfort.


The pedals are designed like an actual bike with a 3 piece crank system which makes them a lot stronger and more reliable. It also give you a smooth ride as if you were riding a bike. The pedals are also fitted with a secure foot cage so that you can ensure your foot doesn’t slip.

MonitorJLL IC300 monitor

The exercise bike comes with a 6 function monitor which will count your time you spend on the bike, the current speed you are going at when on the bike, distance you have travel, the projected calories you may have burnt, the Odo show your overall distance travel since either a reset or changed batteries and your pulse which its sensors are built into the handlebars.

Knowing all this information makes it easier for anyone to track their performance and improve upon it. As in all things the only one you are in competition with is yourself.


The JLL IC300 exercise bike comes equipped with an emergency brake so that you can stop quickly if you need to. The leaver is located in front of the rider next to the resistance adjust knob.

Weight Rating.

If you are just starting out or you are a lean mean fighting machine you need to know that this bike can handle it. So this bike is rated to handle a Maximum of 130KG which come to 20.47 stone or 286.6lbs.

Adjustable Intensity

There is a 18kg flywheel on this bike which will give a smooth ride for beginners or a tough challenging workout for though of you who want to feel the sweat dripping off you.


You can rest assured that this exercise bike comes with a 12 month warranty so that you have that peace of mind when it comes to your exercise bike. They also say that if an issues happen they will try and sort it out with in 10 days. However you should always check before you buy.

DimensionsJLL IC300 Dimensions

The stated dimensions of the product is 108cm by 83cm by 19.5cm and it weighs in at 40kg.
However because the seat and handlebars are adjustable the height or the product will vary with the handlebars going to a maximum height of 115cm and the seats maximum height being 112cm. The lowest the handlebars goes to is 103cm and the seat goes down to 90cm.

Additional features

Direct chain driven for a comfortable pedalling in both directions: forwards and backwards, this simulates the feel of riding a real bike

Compact and easily transported with built in wheels.

The exercise bike is direct chain driven which adds to the feel of riding an actual bike as you pedal in both directions.

It also has built in wheels so it can be transported relatively easy.

Included accessories

Free plastic bottle and bottle holder on frame
There is a nice added touch of a free plastic bottle and a bottle holder attracted to the frame. This will make it easy to have water hand when to need to quince that thirst.


This bike is design with both beginners and serious sportsmen in mind. Its a bike that you can progress your fitness level with.

-With is ability to adjust the seat and handlebars to suit a wide range of people.
-the design of a 3 piece crank system so that the user can have a sense of riding a real bike
-The built in wheels allow for the owner to transport it easily
-Its 18kg flywheel to give even the sportiest person a good workout.


The main con for this bike is that the resistance levels are unclear as you only have have knob to turn with a plus or a minus on it. So you can no idea of the level you are at which would have been nice to know.

Consumer rating

At time of writing this review there aren’t much Amazon review with only 6 people leaving their opinions so a 4.2 stars out of 5 isn’t much to go on. But it is a start and 5 people out of 6 liked the product and the one person who didn’t seem like he had a bad product and you are going to get some of those.


The Recommend retail price is £599 but on Amazon it isn’t selling no where near that price. When I last look it was on sale with even more money off there already low price. You can also get this bike in two different colours. Both are pretty much the same its either white or black. Visit Amazon for current prices

V-Fit ACT1 Air Cycle Exercise Bike Review

v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bike

v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bikeAlthough the V-fit ATC1 Air Cycle exercise bike was first released on Amazon in 2009 it is still going strong and is in the top 50 best selling exercise bikes on Amazon. This is a great bike for anyone who is a beginner or is just starting to exercise as it will work your upper and lower body at the same time or you can adjust the handlebars so you all work your lower body it all down to you and what you want to accomplish.

Their are some mixed reviews on this exercise bike with some people expecting a bit more. Weather or not this bike is for you will be your decision but this is a bike on a budget and it will depend on if you can put up with a few cons for an overall good bike at a good price.

Height Adjustments

When looking at an exercise bike the height adjustments are an all important factor in your decision making so that you know it is easy to use, otherwise it might end up gathering dust. So the handlebars can be adjusted to be moving or stationary depending on what you want but they are not height adjustable. The seat however is adjustable and can be move up or down depending on your height. Full dimensions of the v fit atc1 air cycle is further down the page.


You also want a comfortable seat as if you are going to use this bike everyday or at least 5 times a week you want something that fits you so that it doesn’t take away any of your motivation to work out. This bike has a PVC cover saddle as most people who have use the bike say it is comfortable there are some that say otherwise. There is an easy solution you can replace the saddle with a new one or get a gel saddle cover for comfort. But like I said most people say it is comfortable there is only a few who say otherwise.


So you start pedalling getting your rhythm going you get faster and faster working up a good sweat, there is nothing worst than your foot slipping and losing your rhythm. You then need to start up again. With the self-presenting weighted pedals they are always in a good position for you so you can just keep going.


v fit atc1 air cycle monitorTo work out effectively you need to know how well you are doing and what you can measure yourself by. Now with the atc1 air cycle exercise bike you get a 5 function LCD monitor which will show you your theoretical calorie burn so you know how hard you have worked, the distance you have travelled so you know what to beat next time, the speed you are going at, because if you are like me you want to keep at the same speed or go faster and how long you have been at it for so you can measure everything inside a time frame. The last function is the scan function so that it switches between each display.

Weight Rating

If you are starting out in the world of fitness you want to get a bike that is suitable for you and is safe for you to use. The maximum user weight for this bike is 110kg which is 242lbs or 17.2 stone

Adjustable Intensity

When working out you want something that will work with you that will continue to challenge you every time so that you get a good work out, lose weight and get fit. With the adjustable friction tape pedalling resistance and additional braking from its speed progressive air fan that is what you get a good aerobic work out.


The exercise bike is 112cm long by 51 wide and 117cm tall so it doesn’t take up much room and it weighs 18kg so it is easy to move around if you want to put it in a corner out of the way and pull it out when in use.

Additional Informationsome assembly required

There is some self-assembly required for this bike and time to put it together ranges greatly from everyone’s opinion some people say it takes 10 to 20 minutes some people says it takes an hour so it will depend on your skill at putting things together. It does come with all the necessary tool required for home assembly.


This product has been out for a while so there are lots of reviews about it. Most people like that it is lightweight so its easy to move and doesn’t take up much room. They like that with a little patience it is easy to build.

They like that the handlebars can be adjusted so that you can choose what type of work out you are going to do, weather its a full aerobic work out or just focusing on your legs.


The negative side of the coin is that not everyone likes this machine, you people you love and people who hate it and that is fine to each there own. Reason why people have so much difference of opinion is their exceptions.

This is a machine design for people on a budget who want to lose weight and get into shape. Its not for those people who go all out at fitness, its not for those serious sport people who wants to get a strenuous workout as this machine will be to lightweight for them. It also doesn’t come with a pulse monitor so those hard core fitness people who want to know their heart rate when exercising will have to have a separate heart monitor. But at the end of the day it is your decision weather or not this is the machine for you.

Consumer rating

At time of writing the v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bike has 44 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. So most people leaned towards liking the bike.


This bike is one of the cheapest on the market for what it does and everywhere I look it costs about £100 some even go up to £180. Amazon sells this bike and they have 2 market place seller. Amazon is normally the best price you will have to check here for Amazon’s latest prices.

Low Impact Cardio Workouts at Home

Pilates Make you feel good

If you are just starting to workout or have been injured and want to get back into fitness then low impact cardio workouts at home maybe the way to go. But you have to consider your option and choose wisely as if you workout at home you don’t get anyone experience to tell you when you are doing something wrong, like you would get if you were in a gym.

Here are 6 low impact workouts that you can do, not all are housebound so you may have to venture outside for some but fresh air is always good.

6 low impact workout for the Home

keep fit on the moveCycling

Cycling is a great way to work out and over the years people have develop exercise bikes for our homes so we don’t have to go out if we don’t want to. But that being said it is a great way to lose weight and exercise your lungs and heart.

On average an indoor spin class can burn 400-600 calories which leads to better health and weight loss but you don’t have to go to the gym to lose weight you can buy a exercise bike for home or a push bike and get out in the world. Cycling is a fun exercise that anyone can do


Swimming is one of the best ways you can get a cardio workout without much pressure on your joints. Swimming just a few lengths will involve most muscles in you body and you will get a good aerobic workout if you increase the pace. Or if you keep to a steady as you go pace it will help you burn calories and lose weight.

Swimming pools don’t have to be about swimming you can have dance classes in pools so that you can lose weight while dance with the benefit of less pressure on your joints. So if you think you’ll like that look up water aerobics.

how to feel goodyoga

The positions of yoga are used to help many health issues, relive a person stress and help the spine. It is an ancient form of exercise that focus on strength, flexibility and breathing to enhance you physically and mentally.

Yoga has been around for 5000 years and is now common place in most gyms and health centres. You can also find it online for free or buy a DVD to get a better understanding of the positions and what benefits they bring.


Rowing is a great cardio and strengthening workout. It works the arms, back, abs and legs all at the same time give you a fun way to exercise and burn calories.


we start when we are very young and we all do it every day, walking. Now it is the easiest exercise you can do, by putting one foot in front of another. By a lot of people don’t consider it a great form of exercise.

But let me ask you this. Do you do the recommended 10,000 steps a day? I thought I did until I measured it. In my job I am on my feet for 7 hours but I still come short by 3 to 4 thousand steps a day. When I make though extra steps up I do feel better but with walking its a time problem not an exercise problem.

keeping fit while having funRoller blading

Roller blading is a great fun way to burn calories, and it will put a lot less stress on your joints. However you have to do it properly and that is to actually blade not just glide. If you are new to roller blading visit this website for a guide. http://www.wikihow.com/Rollerblade it will help you to get started and give you a foundation to work on.

Do you enjoy doing low impact cardio? Have I missed an exercise that you do that could really benefit someone else? Then please leave a comment so everyone can benefit. Thank you

How to get a six pack at home

how to get a six pack at home

how to get a six pack at homeWhen women think of a good looking man one thing they think of is the six pack. Its what every man who exercises wants the six squares that shows off how hard they have worked.

Here in this article I have outline how to get a six pack at home because not everyone wants to go to the gym or even has the time in their busy schedule to get their so here are a few things to focus on when you are trying to chisel out a six pack.

More is not always better – think resistance not reps

One of the biggest mistakes that men make is that they run full speed into working on their abs and they do ridiculously amounts of crunches or sit ups a day and wonder why they haven’t got their abs yet. When build your abs it just like building other muscles its not all about how many you can do its about how much you can lift. So try adding weights or a cable machine for working on your abs

Your abs are their they are just hiding

Everyone has a six pack but you have a layer of fat that hides them. IF you want them to show you need to get your body fat percentage down to a level that you can see them. This is different for everyone one but most people starts seeing their abs at 11 to 12 percent. This means you must have a good diet in order to get your fat percentage down.


On average our bodies are made up of 65% of water and it is something we must drink for us to stay alive. Not only that our bodies start to lose mental and physical function at a 1% dehydration level but we only start to feel thirsty at 2 to 3% dehydration. So if we want to look good we need to keep ourselves running effectively so drink plenty of water each day is a must. It also has an add benefits of helping muscle recovery and keeping us fuller for long so we don’t binge eat.


Protein helps build muscles but you don’t have to eat loads of it all day long. You only need about 0.8 – 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Protein will not only help in the building and maintenance of muscle it will also keep you full so it help with controlling your diet.

Good Fat

good fatsNot all fat is created equal. There are good fats and Trans fats. Trans fats are the one you find in processed food and these build up around your waist line. Instead replace them with good fat that are found in avocado’s, nuts, olives and seeds.

Earn Your Extra Carbs

When you are working hard and training hard you can add extra carbs to your diet. This is so you can keep up with you strenuous exercises but the same is true for the opposite. If you aren’t training hard you may need to cut out some cabs in order to maintain your weight and muscles. You should also avoid refined carbs such as bread so you don’t have a sugar spike and torch your efforts.

mind set

There is a difference between the people who have a six pack and the people who want one. It is their mind set. The men who have a six pack have a set of values that tell them what they need in order to maintain their body. They don’t stray from this otherwise they’ll lose what they have work hard for.

The people who want a six pack and cann’t get one are the people who try everything out for the first day, week or month depend on what it is then don’t see the results they want so they blame the system and give up. Which One Are you?

Strengthen your core

Trying to get a six pack doesn’t mean just working on those muscles you will need to balance it out and strengthen your whole core so you get that good body look.

You will want to work on your internal and external obliques, as well as your erector spinae muscles so that you can develop a strong core and work towards that six pack.

Compound exercise for the best results

When you do compound exercise they work more than one muscles which means that doing these types of exercise will work your core harder than doing any sit-up. These exercise also get the results you want faster because you are strengthen more muscles at the same time.

So if you work hard are dedicated and focus there should be nothing that stands in your way to that six pack and a great looking body.

Are you working towards getting a six pack? Leave a comment below on your progress and how you have got to were you are.

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