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Pilates Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Before we get into discussing pilates exercises for lower back pain, I want to start at the beginning and talk about the commonpilates exercises for lower back pain reasons for back pain in the first place. So in this article I am going to discuss about your muscles and their link to your spine not any other type of back pain.

Many people with lower back pain has a long history of those niggling aches and the feeling of stiffness in the morning when they get up. Most people dismiss there back pain and put the reason for it being that they are tired and overwork. To be honest they are probably right however the mismanagement of this mild ache leads to neglecting your body. Just because it doesn’t interfere with your daily life doesn’t mean you can ignore it. You see over time the morning stiffness gets worse and takes longer for it to go away. You may even take a drag you it to go away and this will work but only for a time until you need a strong drug then a stronger one again.

This pattern is a very common one that many people go through. The reason you get back pain does not change. People deal with the symptoms and not the issue, so the pain becomes more frequent and gets stronger. As a culture we live very busy lives and a lot of us have a very high tolerance for pain so we do ignore thing until it becomes a real big problem.

The reason for back pain?

In the example above the reason is the slow loss of movement in the spinal joints as well as a slow loss of length in the muscles. As the pain slowly creeps its way in the deep core muscles will start to weaken as well. This is called pain inhibition of the core and this is where pilates will be the most beneficial for the back. The reason behind back pain for someone with no injury or trauma is because of a slow change in the balance of all your working muscles.

The Different Types of Back Pain People Suffer

Joint pain- This is usually sharp and will stop a person moving, and it normally worse when they are carrying weight.

Muscle pain-This feels like a constant deep ache which will go away with movement once you have warmed it up.

Inflammatory pain-all of the structures can become inflamed and cause a lot of pain and stiffness in the morning. It can also keep you awake at night.

Disc pain- This pain will increase when coughing, sneezing and even sitting down but will usually stop when you are standing upright

Deep lower back Pain -Could be local but is normally comes from a different organ such as your Uterus or kidneys.

With any form of back pain you should first speak to your doctor so that you can be assessed as determine weather it is one of these types or it could be the first sign of something much more serious and a medical professional can tell you that.

So how can pilates help lower back pain?pilates exercises

Pilates is not a cure for back pain, it wont make it disappear over night but with constant action on a daily basis you can build, strengthen and lengthen your core muscles making them support you back better so that you can manage you body better.

Now there are loads of different Pilate exercise you can do and I have some beginner exercise here at Pilates Exercises at Home to get you started.

Now in order to see result you are going to need a routine. You can find one that someone else has written or you can design one your self but remember everything starts with a plan and the commitment to follow though with it. If you want to know how to create a pilates plan then visit here http://pilates.about.com/od/pilatesforeverybody/tp/CreateAWorkout.htm for a guide.

Good luck and remember constant action on a daily basis will give you great result! So let me know about them below in the commnets.

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