Polar A300 Activity Tracker review

Polar A300 Activity Tracker review

Polar A300 Activity Tracker reviewThe polar A300 is advertised as an all day every day tracker. Something that will monitor your daily activity and give you guidance on what you need to do in order to improve. So lets dive in and take a look at the A300 functions.

24/7 Activity

With the A300 you can measure everything from steps, distance to calories burned. It monitors your daily activity so that you can stay on track for your goals.

Inactivity Alert

If your like the average person then you will most likely spend a lot of time at a desk, sitting with a laptop or watching TV for quite a while. If I do any one of these things I can spend hours without moving much at all. This isn’t how our bodies are built we need to get up and move and that why the polar A300 has a great little built-in function called the inactivity alert. It give you a little reminder to tell you to get up and move.

Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate

You can pair up the polar A300 with the Polar H7 Bluetooth 4.0 Heart Rate Sensor so that you can monitor your heart rate and record every beat. This allows you to have more control when it comes to the results as it will show you whether you are burning the fat or improving on your fitness.

Changeable Wristband

You can customize your A300 with 6 different wristband so that your can have a colour to suit your individual needs. The colours are charcoal black, powder white, sorbet pink, mellow yellow, storm grey and indigo blue.

A300 Activity TrackerSmart Coaching

With smart coaching you can have the data at you finger tips so that you can know the effects of everything you do. The smart coach has 4 main areas and these are:

The fit Test

In a 5 minute test is can tell you your maximum oxygen uptake which shows your overall fitness level so that if can motivate and inspire you to keep going at your current level or take it up a notch so you get better results.

Energy pointer

This is a simple to you feature which is design to tell you whether the training you are doing is burning calories or improving your fitness. With this you can tweak your training to get your desired results.

Smart calories

using your individual data of weight, height, age and gender the A300 can more accurately calculate the calories burn during physical exercise.

Training benefit

By syncing the A300 to the polar app of web service you can get feed back straight away which could give you the motivation to continue.

Polar Flow

Polar flow is a web service that gives you an overview of your daily training and activity. It is also available as an app so that it can keep you update and on track for your goals.

Quick points about polar flow are:

  • Quick visual overview in the app

  • Free app compatible with Android (4.3 and later) and iOS

  • Deeper insight and analysis in the web service

Polar A300Pros

  • 24/7 activity tracking

  • Activity goal and activity benefit

  • Inactivity alert

  • Sleep duration and quality

  • Fitness test

  • Heart rate also in water with H7 heart rate sensor

  • Changeable wristband

  • Standard USB charging

  • Polar Flow web service and app

  • MyFitnessPal integration (iOS only)


So far the only problem that I could find is that it big bulky and looks like an old digital watch that you’d cast out.

So there you have it. If you are looking for something that will monitor you 24/7, give you a gentle nudge when you are sitting down for too long or something to measure your activities then the A300 could be the one for you.

Visit Amazon.com to find out more.


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