what is a kettlebell

The Kettlebell- How can it help you?

what is a kettlebellWhat is a Kettlebell?

A kettlebell is the power house of gym equipment that you can train so many different muscles with it all at the same time. As for what a kettlebell is, well a cast iron ball with a handle is what it looks like or some people say a canon ball with a handle.

The kettlebell is so great because its weight is distributed unevenly so unlike a dumbbell where you get an even lift you have to counter balance with the kettlebell so it uses your core muscles to stabilise.

Why does it benefit you?

When you are using the kettlebell you are using the muscles you are targeting for the exercise you are doing as well as the muscles you are needing to use to stabilise the weight so with that you are burning more calories. Now because you are using your core muscle to stabilise you are strengthening them which means you are build more muscle so your are also building up your resting calorie burn.

How do you use it?

You can easily incorporate the kettlebell into your routine. If you use the foundation methods of the kettlebell 2 times a week you will see a significant improvement in your performance.

Once you have the proper foundation of using the kettlebell you can mix it up a bit and tailor make your own routine to target the muscle groups you want to achieve you desired goals.

What type of kettlebell do I need?

When buying any equipment you need to do you research as if you get something to light it wont do the job and if you get something to heavy you either can’t use it or you could hurt yourself doing it. The recommend weight for women is 8kg or 18lbs and for men it is 16kg or 35lbs. Now this is average and everyone is not created equal so you will need to asses where you are with your body and adjust accordingly.

What types of moves are there?

There are loads of different exercises you can do with the kettlebell, it is after all a weight but its unique shape and weight distribution mean that it turbo charges your weight loss efforts.

You can do the Russian Kettlebell Swing, Single-Arm Kettlebell Swing or the Two-Arm Kettlebell Row. All of these are at a beginner level and once you have master them you can move up to more difficult exercises.

So what do you think of the kettlebell? Is it something you would use that could help in your efforts to lose weight, get fit and stay in shape? OR Do you think it’s a missed shaped cannon ball that should have sunk a long time ago? I would love to know what you think so which ever one you think leave a comment below.

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