v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bike

V-Fit ACT1 Air Cycle Exercise Bike Review

v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bikeAlthough the V-fit ATC1 Air Cycle exercise bike was first released on Amazon in 2009 it is still going strong and is in the top 50 best selling exercise bikes on Amazon. This is a great bike for anyone who is a beginner or is just starting to exercise as it will work your upper and lower body at the same time or you can adjust the handlebars so you all work your lower body it all down to you and what you want to accomplish.

Their are some mixed reviews on this exercise bike with some people expecting a bit more. Weather or not this bike is for you will be your decision but this is a bike on a budget and it will depend on if you can put up with a few cons for an overall good bike at a good price.

Height Adjustments

When looking at an exercise bike the height adjustments are an all important factor in your decision making so that you know it is easy to use, otherwise it might end up gathering dust. So the handlebars can be adjusted to be moving or stationary depending on what you want but they are not height adjustable. The seat however is adjustable and can be move up or down depending on your height. Full dimensions of the v fit atc1 air cycle is further down the page.


You also want a comfortable seat as if you are going to use this bike everyday or at least 5 times a week you want something that fits you so that it doesn’t take away any of your motivation to work out. This bike has a PVC cover saddle as most people who have use the bike say it is comfortable there are some that say otherwise. There is an easy solution you can replace the saddle with a new one or get a gel saddle cover for comfort. But like I said most people say it is comfortable there is only a few who say otherwise.


So you start pedalling getting your rhythm going you get faster and faster working up a good sweat, there is nothing worst than your foot slipping and losing your rhythm. You then need to start up again. With the self-presenting weighted pedals they are always in a good position for you so you can just keep going.


v fit atc1 air cycle monitorTo work out effectively you need to know how well you are doing and what you can measure yourself by. Now with the atc1 air cycle exercise bike you get a 5 function LCD monitor which will show you your theoretical calorie burn so you know how hard you have worked, the distance you have travelled so you know what to beat next time, the speed you are going at, because if you are like me you want to keep at the same speed or go faster and how long you have been at it for so you can measure everything inside a time frame. The last function is the scan function so that it switches between each display.

Weight Rating

If you are starting out in the world of fitness you want to get a bike that is suitable for you and is safe for you to use. The maximum user weight for this bike is 110kg which is 242lbs or 17.2 stone

Adjustable Intensity

When working out you want something that will work with you that will continue to challenge you every time so that you get a good work out, lose weight and get fit. With the adjustable friction tape pedalling resistance and additional braking from its speed progressive air fan that is what you get a good aerobic work out.


The exercise bike is 112cm long by 51 wide and 117cm tall so it doesn’t take up much room and it weighs 18kg so it is easy to move around if you want to put it in a corner out of the way and pull it out when in use.

Additional Informationsome assembly required

There is some self-assembly required for this bike and time to put it together ranges greatly from everyone’s opinion some people say it takes 10 to 20 minutes some people says it takes an hour so it will depend on your skill at putting things together. It does come with all the necessary tool required for home assembly.


This product has been out for a while so there are lots of reviews about it. Most people like that it is lightweight so its easy to move and doesn’t take up much room. They like that with a little patience it is easy to build.

They like that the handlebars can be adjusted so that you can choose what type of work out you are going to do, weather its a full aerobic work out or just focusing on your legs.


The negative side of the coin is that not everyone likes this machine, you people you love and people who hate it and that is fine to each there own. Reason why people have so much difference of opinion is their exceptions.

This is a machine design for people on a budget who want to lose weight and get into shape. Its not for those people who go all out at fitness, its not for those serious sport people who wants to get a strenuous workout as this machine will be to lightweight for them. It also doesn’t come with a pulse monitor so those hard core fitness people who want to know their heart rate when exercising will have to have a separate heart monitor. But at the end of the day it is your decision weather or not this is the machine for you.

Consumer rating

At time of writing the v fit atc1 air cycle exercise bike has 44 reviews with an average rating of 4.2 stars out of a possible 5. So most people leaned towards liking the bike.


This bike is one of the cheapest on the market for what it does and everywhere I look it costs about £100 some even go up to £180. Amazon sells this bike and they have 2 market place seller. Amazon is normally the best price you will have to check here for Amazon’s latest prices.

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