We R Sports Exercise Bike

We R Sports Exercise Bike

We R Sports Exercise BikeAre you looking for a bike that can help you to lose weight, improve your stamina and build your athletic fitness? We R Sports Exercise Bike might be the one for you. It will give your legs, heart and lungs a good workout, combine it with some HIIT then you will be heading towards your goals in no time.

Lets get down to the brass tax and see what this bike is all about. At the very core of this product it is a basic bike with basic functions at a basic price so lets cycle through each part of the bike.



This exercise bike comes with clear instructions so that anyone can put it together. It does have some misinterpreted words but you will be able to follow the instructions easily. It will take about 40 minutes to put together depending on your skills at DIY, some people may be quicker some longer.

Height Adjustments

In the description of the bike it says that the height adjustable handlebars provide a realistic and comfortable cycling experience however upon reviewing the comments a lot of people have stated that the handlebars do not move so it doesn’t give a lot of flexibility for the tall person.


In the description of the product it same it comes with a comfortable seat. This must be a code word for manufactures as comfortable means something different to the people who actually use it for a while. The seat is more on the hard side but you can buy gel seat covers, cushion shorts or change the seat to compensate for this little oversight.

we r sports yellowPedals

It is a simple basic design for the pedal like you would find on most bikes, but it does have a plastic strap to keep your foot on when you are pushing hard in you workouts.


The we are sports exercise bike comes with a 5 function exercise monitor so that you can keep track of all your stats. Being a basic bike it does not give you any heart rate reading but what it does do is monitor your estimated calories burnt, the distance travelled the speed you are going at and how long you have been working out. All of this information is vial when you are trying to lose weight or training for a sport. It also has a scan function so that you can have it flip through all the stats as you are working out. The scan function save you the effort of taking you hand off the handle bars to switch through the stats yourself.


You can exercise in confidence know that if anything arises that needs you to stop the exercise bike quickly you can with its emergency stop system. Which is a posh way of saying it has a brake.

Weight Rating.

If you are starting out in the world of exercise then you will need to know that the exercise machine that you choose will support your starting weight. This exercise bike has a maximum user weight of 120kg. Which is 18.89 stone or 264.55lbs.

Adjustable Intensity

The intensity level is achieve by a knob that is on the centre frame. It has a plus or a minus system to give more or less resistance. The only problem with this way of resistance is that you can not measure how well you and doing in correlation with resistance. With it’s 10kg flywheel it does give a good work out but it could be better with something that you can measure resistance on.


We R sports has a 1 year warranty and this is what they say on their website:

“The We R Sports 12-month warranty warrants the product to operate according to the manufacturer’s specifications for the period of 1 year after the dispatch date. If your purchase suffers a manufacturer defect or fault of production, or a fault of material, then have no fear. You are covered for servicing local or otherwise.”
You can also send the product back up to 14 days after it has been deliver provide that you abide by their terms and conditions which is the normal original packaging speech, but do check their T&C’s.

With this type of warranty and returns process if its breaks within the first year it gets fix and if it arrives and you have changed your mind or you don’t like it you can send it back.

we r sports aerobic training cycleDimensions

The exercise bike is 101cm by 50cm by 125cm. It is small and compact weight only 28kg makes it easy to move around and place where you want it. You could even store it in the corner of a room only to bring it to the middle to exercise while watching the telly.


This product has only been out a little over a year as of writing this review and it already has a lot of feedback. Most people like this bike for it sturdy and solid design.

IT good that it comes in different colours so that can be a colour for everyone and it looks good.

It has a good resistant and some people say that they have used it for HIIT cardio.

The last pro is its warranty. With a 1 year warranty and a 14 day returns policy after you have received the product it seems like they will try to do everything for you that they can so that you can focus on your exercise.


A big downside for me is the adjustable intensity. Not being able to compare on level of intensity to the next is just something I personally don’t like. But being a basic bike you can’t really change this without putting the price up.

Another minus point that a lot of people said about in the comments is that the saddle is hard and you would need to replace it or get gel seat covers

Consumer rating

For only being first sold on Amazon in February 2014 it has accumulated 116 review and it has achieved a 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5 stars. That is quite good as I have seen some bikes that haven’t even good 30 reviews in total and they have been on Amazon for 6 year or more.


For what it does it is price reasonably. There are some bikes cheaper but they do not come close to the quality of this one and that is what the consumer rating tell us. The white version of this bike is £2 cheaper but it all depends on what colour you want. Head over to Amazon to check them out

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