wonder core smart review

wonder core smart review

wonder core smart reviewThe Wonder Core Smart Total Body Exercise System is a 6 in 1 machine that will help you to target every muscle group so that up can tone and strengthen your whole body. Let face it, if everyone had the choice they would choose a healthy look body every time.

However going after that 6 pack, the slim waist is hard work and it takes a healthy life style with a lot of exercising to get to that point. The wonder core smart still has a lot of hype even though it had been around for a while now. So I am going to see if it lives up to the hype of just another gimmick.

wonder core smart exercise machine- what can it do

The program is easy to follow. You get a 35 minute workout DVD that has 2 sessions which takes you through a series of exercises aimed at strengthen your core. All of the exercises that you do on it you will know they have packed it all up and put it in a machine. The types of exercises are:

  • Crunches

  • Push-ups

  • Bridges

  • Scissor Kicks

  • Forearm and Biceps

  • Triceps extensions

  • Ab Tucks

  • Bicycling

All that is required from you is to take the machine out pop in the DVD and follow along for 35 minutes. With its total body workout and its adjustable resistant you are sure to see some results.

However this is where I would like to point out that if you are full fit already even if you are in good shape this machine is not a magic bullet if you are fit you might not see much improvements as you have already toned you body. This machine is great for the unfit or first time exercisers, or people who may have an injury that need a little bit of help.

wonder core exercise machine reviewsWhat Is Included With This Abs Machine?

You don’t just get the machine you get everything you need to get starts right away.

  • Wonder Core Smart System

  • Two 35 minute workout DVDs

  • An Anti-slip Mat

  • Exercise and Nutrition Guide

  • User Manual


What Are The Pros And Cons?


-No assembly required take it out and start right away

-folds away for storage

-great for exercise beginners


-not for the fit person

-every exercise can be done for free without the machine

Is It worth it?

Depends on who’s buying if you are an active person who already trains then this is no magic bullet. However if you are in need of a little bit of help or just start to get back into exercising then this machine may help you do just that. It all depends on you goals and what time you are will to commit to exercising as the two 35 minute routines are not going to be enough to get you the 6 pack, but they will give you the help hand you need to get started.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can get it from Thane for 89.99 at time of writing, or amazon does it a little bit cheap but there prices are always changing so you will have to  Check The Price At Amazon.co.uk 

Optional Accessories

You can also get these accessories for an additional cost

Exercise Mat

Measuring 165cm x 55cm the Exercise Mat is perfect for placing under your unit not only during your Wonder Core Smart workout, but also for support and comfort when enjoying other exercises in your routine.

Twist Board

The Twist Board is specially designed for your Wonder Core Smart to provide you with an intense oblique workout to tone the sides of your stomach.

Click Here To Buy It Now At Amazon.co.uk 

wonder core in action



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